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Metal construction


• Metal constructor
• Field construction design
• Field metal design
• Practicioner for metal construction

Training emphasis

The metal constructor is an expert for metal construction. They work in workshops and assemble afterwards the workpieces they have produced.

The tasks are:

• Sheet metal construction,
• Hall constructions from steel,
• Gate systems and doors,
• Stairs and guard railings,
• Windows, facades, glass extensions


The three-and-a-half-year duration of training qualifies for the occupation which is versatile. The modern technique, which the metal constructor uses for different areas, is always in the centre. Everything depends on a wide expert knowledge, due to that, there is a training in fields.

Field construction design

This field is an essential module according to modern architecture, industry assembly and maintenance. Windows, doors, gates made of steel, aluminium and plastic are manufactured. Halls, stairs, pedestals, facades and welded steel constructions are to be built. Every technical detail has to be right here, long before it will be mounted.

Metal design

The metal constructor of the field metal design learns how to work with wrought iron, how to design grids, portals and railings artfully, how to restore old works, how to create new works. A high creative empathy is important here.

Vocational school classes

In the vocational school the theory gets communicated parallelly to the practical training. Besides that, operational centres of activities are balanced by a wide area of vocational education. The learning areas are oriented on real operational action situations and summarize several action fields.

The aim of vocational education is to organize classes in accordance with vocational pedagogics. It centers on practical competence and enables young people to autonomically plan, put into practice and evaluate professional taks within their professional activity.

The general education subjects politics and economy, German, religion and physical education are also taught.

The following link will lead you to the national curriculum and the general rules for apprenticeships, for metal constructors:


Learn- and user software (pictures/screenshots)
AutoCAD technical drawing at the computer
Fluidsim simulation of pneumatical controls
Trepcad calculation of stairs
Palmill CNC-Simulation

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