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Construction Engineering - Carpenter


  • Carpenter
  • Structural engineering skilled worker

Contents/Learning areas

The carpenter works mainly with the very versatile raw material of wood. As a renewable building material wood is especially ecological but also economical. The right use of the building material at the construction site requires excellent knowledge about the structural-physical characteristics of the material, its reasonable protection and the required connection methods.

The 16 learning areas compromise the following activities:

  • Fabrication and installation of classical building parts like roof structure constructions of any kind, carcasses, timber works or dormer windows.
  • Planning and installation of modern timber framework constructions under consideration of effective energy saving (e.g. passive house construction)
  • Interior works of buildings with light partition walls, wall and ceiling coverings
  • Restoration of components especially also according to the requirements of monument protection or an improved energy efficiency
  • Staircase construction
  • Roof truss of hall constructions and structural-facings-sector
  • Computer-assisted planning and construction by special timber construction software

The apprenticeship in the carpenter trade extends over three years and finishes with a final exam. The classes are taking place by block teaching of mostly two school block weeks.

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Mr. Dirk Rensen
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